The Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher’s Stone: A Quest for the Secrets of Alchemy by Peter Marshall   “The Philosopher’s Stone is the Holy Grail of alchemy, the ancient art of turning base metal into gold. Its magical and elemental power has fixated explorers, occultists and scientists for centuries. For the Philosopher’s Stone, it is said, holds the key, not only to making gold but also to deciphering the riddle of existence and unlocking the secret of eternal life.” Following such luminaries as Newton, Jung, St. Thomas Aquinas and Zosimus, who devoted most of their lives to searching for it, Peter Marshall set out to unearth the secrets of alchemy in the lands where it was traditionally practised. The result is a piece of historical, scientific and philosophical detection, as well as an exciting physical and spiritual adventure. Exploring the beliefs and practices, the myths and the symbols of the alchemists, Peter Marshall takes us on a journey into this arcane world.” .                                                                                                         .


2 Responses to “The Philosopher’s Stone”

  1. Christ | Jesus | Jesus Christ | alien | controversial books | images of Jesus Says:

    […] Conscious awareness is a silent and expanding inner self awakening that is spreading through the global world’s people like never before. People of the world will no longer be controlled by what has always been and are now positioned to evolve the human species into a new realm of mental evolution. What we believe On the same topic: […]

    • DUNNO Says:

      yeah man it’s just a another period in our life’s that people are awaking again! Unlocking The Philosopher’s Stone is more like unlocking your Higher consciousness! when you unlock it yes you will know the beginning of creation! How our universes are structured to the Philosopher’s Stones formula! And also when looking through a primitive point of view that other people controlling as, it might look like that at one point but its more then that, they just started another type of project of development/evolution, they make it more challenging/ easer. The controllers think they control when yet there being controlled back.


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